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Cot Mattress

Cot Mattress

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These beauties ALWAYS sell out before they arrive.We rank comfort right up there with safety and style so it was only fitting to manufacture mattresses to a standard that rounds out this essential trio. Our cot mattress has a pocket spring system with a luxurious blend outer making it as breathable as it is cozy.

With it’s medium firmness, your babe will be snoozing like Goldilocks on their not too hard, not too soft but just right Incy mattress. Suitable for all Incy cots. Maximizing comfort, safety, and style are our top priorities.

That's why our cot mattress features a pocket spring system and a luxurious outer blend for unmatched breathability and coziness. Plus, it's not too soft nor too hard - it's just right for your little one to snooze like Goldilocks! Trust us, this is the perfect complement for your Incy cot.






Dimensions: 131cm x 70cm x 12cm

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