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Modern Playroom Furniture

It’s a space for their imagination to run wild, creativity to be harnessed, memories to be made, and - just quietly - for you to have five minutes to yourself. Creating a playroom for your little one is a fantastic use of space and we have just the furniture to bring it to life. From plush chairs and sofas, stylish storage and multipurpose desks, we have you covered when it comes to all the things you need to create a space your little one will be excited to retreat to. The playroom is a place where kids can be kids - where they are free to be creative, imaginative and dare we say it, even messy! That’s why you need...

Playroom Furniture That’s Both Fun and Functional

When it comes to your children’s playroom, a well designed space that inspires and engages them will ensure many fun-filled hours each day. We believe that it is entirely possible to have a playroom that’s not only fun but also functional and of course, Incy-stylish. No matter what design style you choose, playroom furniture here at Incy will help you maximise the space you have, provide comfort and establish dedicated areas for creative play.

Practical and Versatile Playroom Furniture That

Your playroom needs to be able to grow with the kids whilst still appealing to them in the present. And there’s nothing we love more than providing that practical edge rolled into stylish furniture solutions, like our storage ottomans which can start as a toy chest in the playroom, an ottoman or seat in their book or reading corner or grow with them into a storage unit at the end of their bed or double as a window seat in their bedroom. Desks don’t just have to be for studying. Our kids playroom desks also double as a creative play area for children to illustrate and even prepare tea parties on. When they are a little older, a desk has the advantage of not needing to be cleared mid-project, provides plenty of space for spreading work out as well as convenient storage in the soft-close drawers when you need to organise those school necessities.

Safe, High Quality Playroom Furniture in Australia

At Incy Interiors, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on safety or style. Our designs comply with safety standards required in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and USA whilst all our furniture is designed and made in Australia. Looking for playroom furniture that inspires that fun and play for your child, then look no further than our online store right here on Incy.