Doing our Bit


When it comes to taking care of others, mothers undoubtedly take the cake. There is however, one force that knocks us from poll position on the motherhood podium; mother nature herself and the environment in which she works.

We wouldn’t dream of being uncouth to our mother – the woman who gave us life, so for something that holds as much responsibility as looking after every single person on this earth, it seems only fair we treat old mother nature with a little respect.

While parenting styles differ, one thing we can collectively agree on is that we would do anything for our kids, so leaving the world with a future they can enjoy seems like a real no-brainer. For this reason alone, we work with like minded manufacturers from across the world to bring you sustainable furniture that’s built to last.

There’s always more we can do, but as we work hard to make every aspect of our business easier on the environment, we (and you) can sleep soundly knowing our products themselves are all sourced and manufactured with responsibility and sustainably, front of mind.



Our trademark metal beds and cots are all carefully manufactured from recycled aluminium, meaning your babes slumber pad could once have been a bridge, a car or a bike ridden by the queen. This responsible approach is also extended to our wooden range which is manufactured from high quality pine that has been sustainably sourced from our friendly neighbour, New Zealand.



So as to not compromise the safe arrival of your Incy orders, we worked hard with our manufacturers to create packaging that is sturdy on our furniture, but safe on the environment. From the cardboard box to the padding inside, each element of our Incy packaging is made from the environment, with the intention of ending up back there. We are extremely proud to say our packaging is 100% recyclable – just as packaging should be!



As an online business, we are lucky that printing is not an essential element within our day to day lives. To ensure we are minimising our impact even further, we have taken this one step further and consciously designed our warehouse packing systems to be completely electronic as well.




An initiative we are proud to be a part of, I=change is making waves across the world, for all the right reasons. How it works is simple:


Where your donations can go:


Find out more about the Prevent Women Dying charity here


Find out more about the Bring Joy to Sick Kids charity here 


To find out more about the Protect Australian Kids charity here

*information sourced from i=change website