Top tips on styling a shared space - Kristy Withers on Studio 10

Top tips on styling a shared space - Kristy Withers on Studio 10

Incy founder Kristy Withers knows all too well how challenging it can be styling a shared room, particularly a shared room belonging to kids of different genders. Her experience in said challenge after recently completing a bedroom makeover for her kids, made Kristy the perfect candidate for a live cross with Studio 10 chatting all things shared rooms.

With a handful of our fav Aussie brands in tow, Kristy became the epitome of coordination holding a candid chat with Sarah and Tristan, whilst effortlessly creating a dreamy shared bedroom scenario. Kristy wasn’t the only member of Incy showing off their skills on the day though; our rose gold Eden Bed and Estelle Side Table stood up to the plate on the girls side of the ‘room’, whilst our dark nickel Louis Bed and his side kick, the Albie Side Table represented the boys.

Throughout the 9-minute segment, Kristy shared her top tips for nailing the shared bedroom and in case you weren’t taking notes, we are going to recap them for you below.

1. Use accessories to inject each child’s personality

2. Each side of the room doesn’t need to be an exact symmetry of the other, but it is always good to have something to tie the room together. In this case, Kristy used our Eden Single Bed and Louis Single Bed which boast the same metal design but are finished in different colours

3. Use Instagram to get inspiration and source small Aussie businesses to support

4. Styling doesn’t need to be perfect – a loose, lived in look makes the space feel calm and cosy

5. Tie your fitted sheet and doona in with the pillows & add cushions for an extra pop of colour

6. When it comes to styling your side table, try to do things in threes to add balance

7. Books are a great styling addition and a fantastic way to inject your kids’ personality into their respective space

8. Use beautiful, good quality linen and tie it in with your accessories

9. While pink and blue are still really popular for a girl and boy, you definitely don’t have to stick to these colour ways. Mix up the colours based on your child’s personality and colours that make them feel good

10. Keep your curtains, blinds and walls neutral and use your accessories to inject the colour and personality into the room. This makes changing the room as the children grow and change a lot easier and less expensive

To watch the full segment, click here.

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