The Kids Specialists

The Kids Specialists

How often do you catch yourself dreaming of the life your kids lead? No responsibility, no bills to pay, the naps, being fed without the cooking and cleaning that comes with it! THE ABSOLUTE LIFE! I am constantly kicking myself at all the naps I refused as a kid. What I would give for a nap right now- OMG. And to make their life all the more enticing, the cute little boudoirs they get to play and nap in are just the sweetest!

Incy has the perfect piece for each stage of your babes lives. Our cots are the perfect starting point for your littles ones nursery, and each of our designs are so easy to style. Our industrial metal cots come in a range of colours, while our Teeny range comes in a white and grey and are available with matching change tables. Our Georgia cot comes in a crisp white and is perfect if you’re taking that classic yet sophisticated approach to your nursery. The Georgia is part of our the Incy Spindle Range and is available with a matching change table, a bookcase and a bedside table.

Nursery by @sophievine

Before we know it, our babes are climbing up the sides of their cot and its time to face the fact that they are growing up – and way too fast might I add! This can certainly be a trying time, especially when your little one doesn’t quite appreciate sleep as much as you do! But fear not! With our help, this transition can be a breeze because we have the perfect bed to help your growing bub make the switch. Our metal range and spindle range extend through from cots to beds, so if keeping with the same style interests you then this could be the perfect option! This is also an opportune time to try your hand at some décor recycling from the nursery scheme you probably feel like you only just completed!

Bedrooms by @littledwellings

And just like that, your baby is a teen is ready for yet another change! This could be as simple as a restyle with the already existing bed, or if you’re anything like me and love the opportunity to update anything and everything then Incy may just be able to help you out again! Our metal beds are currently available from King Single to Queen Size and in different colours and styles.

Bedroom by @petiteinteriorco

We like to think of ourselves as the kids specialists. We’ve got something for your babies, toddlers and big kids and would love to help you when it comes to your cot and bed purchase.

Incy x 

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