Incy Interiors! We're Expanding

Incy Interiors! We're Expanding

We've just passed the three-month mark at our new store in Bathurst, so it only felt fitting to share with you, the time we've had here so far...

Incy broadened its horizons in late July by expanding our franchise to a more regional location - BATHURST! Despite our ties to this beautiful place already, it also served as the perfect location for a second store. It is close enough to the city to pop away for a weekend, but far enough away to breathe in that fresh country air each morning. It really is true what they say about not being able to take the country out of the girl - there is just nothing quite like the wide open spaces and freedom of it.

All bias aside, I think our space is beautiful. The store is in an old flour mill and our products against exposed brick look just divine! The high ceilings, the timber floorboards, exposed timber beams and overall industrial feel of the building make not only a great space to work in, but a destination for our customers!

The Bathurst store not only boasts our favourite Incy products downstairs, but also an outlet section upstairs for our discounted seconds stock! The discounts can only be explained as daylight robbery - the prices are crazily reduced and the stock turnover is quick, making it a super exciting avenue for our Bathurst store, and one we are very proud of!

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