Designing a nursery that can transition to a bedroom

Designing a nursery that can transition to a bedroom

Are you in the process of shopping for your nursery furniture? You may find as you start researching into the baby space this can be a costly exercise one that also takes a lot of consideration. Designing a nursery can be one of the most exciting times in your life and we are here to help you on that journey. 

Incy Interiors has had 11 years experience in the baby and kids furniture industry, we may be bias but we like to call ourselves an expert! When our founder Kristy Withers went shopping for her son Oscars first big boy bed she couldn't find a product that she loved, from a frustration and realisation of the potential gap in the market, Incy Interiors was born. 

Designed by a mum, our Incy products have been thoughtfully designed to not only be a stylish nursery option but to also ensure all safety requirements are met, to be durable and long lasting so you can pass down your nursery furniture for years to come. It is important to us at Incy that you give your child the best start. 

Our nursery range consists of four cot options all with the ability to convert into a toddler bed. Whether this be with an added conversion kit or an in built feature, we find this is a key function your cot needs to do. It may take awhile for your bub to feel calm in their space, once you have mastered a sleeping routine it becomes more important to disrupt their environment as little as possible. 

This is why we love a cot turned toddler bed. Let your cot grow with your baby, our cot range allows you to change the height setting as your baby starts to grow and then take them on their next journey to get them ready for their big kid bed. 

Shop our metal cot range below with an added conversion kit. 

Ellie Cot RRP $999.00

Ellie Conversion Kit RRP $249.00

Ivy Cot RRP $999.00

Ivy Conversion Kit RRP $249.00

If our signature metal styles are not to your taste we have two timeless wooden cots that are a classic look to complete your nursery. 


The Georgia Cot, part of our spindle range features smooth curved edges with a crisp white finish. With two adjustable heights the Georgia Cot has an inbuilt conversion kit that allows you to adjust your cot as your bub grows and convert it easily into a toddler bed without adding any additional parts. 


Georgia Cot RRP $1,199.00

Our mid-century design, Maxwell Cot in a deep shade of walnut is the second wooden option in our nursery range. This rattan style offers a classic design with a lot of personality given the extra design features on the side to make Maxwell stand out in the crowd. Alike the Georgia Cot, Maxwell offers an easy transition to a toddler bed. By simply lowering the cot level and converting the side the Maxwell Cot continues to sleep your little one as they grow into their big kid bed. 

Maxwell Cot RRP $1,099.00

Change Tables and other storage options for your nursery are always on the list, we have designed our Change Tables so they can be used throughout your child's life. With removable toppers for each item you can continue to use your nursery Change Table for your kids bedroom as a very stylish dresser. 


Shop Change Tables.

Ready to design your kids bedroom? Jump over to our bedroom categories to start designing your dream space. 

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