5 ways to brighten up your kid's bedroom

5 ways to brighten up your kid's bedroom

Are you looking for ways to liven up your child’s bedroom? Perhaps you struggle with getting enough natural light in your house, or maybe it’s simply time to switch things up – kids’ interests can change pretty quickly, after all. Whatever the reason, putting some time and energy into ensuring your child’s room is a bright, happy and inspiring environment is a great way to nurture them.

Involving your child in the process of decorating also allows them to have a say in how they want the room, offering a sense of achievement and a feeling of ownership over the space! Without further ado, here are 5 surefire ways to brighten up your kid’s bedroom

Have fun with the lighting 

When it comes to brightening your child’s room, perhaps the most obvious place to start is with the lighting. Additional lighting is not only a great way to literally brighten a room, but can also be a fun point of interest for your child. There are so many types of lights out there – from animal-shaped or space-themed lights, to fairy lights, LED lights and cinema-style light boxes. Not only will these options add playfulness to the room, but they’re also highly functional. The softer lighting of lamps is perfect for nighttime when overhead lighting can be too bright. Night lights are also a great solution for kids who are afraid of the dark.

While we’re on the subject of lighting, don’t forget to pay attention to the windows. Even if your child’s room only has a small window, or one that looks out onto another building, there are still ways you can maximise light. Block blinds are a great option for keeping the room nice and dark for their sleep time, while opening up the room and allowing plenty of natural sunlight during the day. 

Experiment with colour palette

Playing around with colour is a great way to lift a room and add dimension. If you’re committed to the cause, pop on some old clothes and paint the walls a fun shade to inject new energy into the room. You could opt for a feature wall or go all out and paint the entire room a different shade. Soft pastel colours like yellow, blue and green can be a great base, and if you really want to get creative, you can add stripes or squares of brighter colour on top.

If painting isn’t on the cards, there are plenty of ways to add splashes of colour through furniture. This could be a quirky-coloured bedside table or a patterned bedspread. Matching furniture is also a playful way to add colour and create a pleasant sense of unity in the room. 

Get rid of the clutter

One thing that will make a huge difference when it comes to keeping up the good vibes in your child’s room is ensuring that clutter is kept to a minimum. Clutter can actually be a visual distraction and creates stress in the brain, even triggering avoidance mechanisms within us. The easiest way to combat mess? Effective storage solutions. A tallboy is a great option for clothes, whilst more savvy solutions, like under the bed storage or desks with shelving, can be perfect for knick knacks or art supplies.

Also pay attention to how you arrange furniture. This can play into how effectively you maintain clutter and how spacious the room feels. The principles of feng shui suggest that placing a mattress at a diagonal angle on the opposite wall to the door creates a sense of safety. Alternatively, position the bed opposite a large piece of furniture to create balance. If the room is small, a loft bed is a great hack for creating extra space, with plenty of play area underneath the bed. 

Get creative with decorations

This is a huge one. Whether it’s fun, stick-on wall decals (there’re so many out there – animals, nature, space, you name it), posters, chalkboards or growth charts, there’s an endless amount of options when it comes to decorating your child’s room. Of course, this can extend to less obvious things, like decorative bed frames or funky pillows – don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Remember to get your child involved, even if they need a little coaxing. They’ll be sure to have plenty to say on the matter (it’s their room after all!). Decorating is a form of self-expression and letting them in on the process is a great way to get their creative juices flowing. Plus, if they’ve picked decorations they love, they’re more likely to hold onto them for longer.

Make use of the floor

It can be easy to forget the trusty old floor, but this can actually make a huge difference when it comes to the feeling of a room, especially if you have dark floorboards or carpet. Adding a bright-coloured rug is a great way to liven up and anchor a room, and will also be more comfortable for your child to walk or play on than a hard floor. When it comes to decorating, every element counts, and it may be a tired cliche, but you’ll be amazed at how a rug can really tie the whole thing together.

As with all things, the best approach involves careful planning, so be sure to jot down some ideas before you start and go in with a clear objective. With the right approach you can turn the process into a fun activity for you (and your child!). 

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