Here's the 101 on styling your Eden Bed.

Here's the 101 on styling your Eden Bed.

It's a fact - we are all now spending our days fielding our way through a situation we never thought we'd find ourselves in. BUT, instead of praying for normality to return, we are embracing it as the perfect opportunity to see to those odd jobs and projects we've been putting off for a rainy day and we strongly advise you do too. Not only will it keep you occupied, it's a chance to spend your day doing something productive, something creative and something you can look back on with a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, each day you spend doing this, is an extra day ticked off the iso calendar and we think that's a total win! Well, friends, here comes the kick in the pants you may have needed! It's raining (well it is here) and the time for procrastinating is over. Right now is your chance to embrace your inner designer and create the bedroom you've always dreamed of... for your babe. Find below tips and tricks on styling our best selling Eden Bed but honestly, these methods can be applied to any feature piece of furniture, in any room of the house! Scroll on... 


Because we think everyone in the house deserves a little piece of rose gold, we manufacture our Eden Beds in all sizes from single to queen. One of our biggest tips with size is to not just think about your bed now, but how long you plan on utilising it. In most cases, this means if you have the space and the budget, going bigger is a safe bet. It's a few extra years of not having to upgrade to a bigger size once your little one has eventually outgrown their single AND, we guarantee you, sharing a bed with your babe in a single is a task no parent should have to endure unless 1000% necessary. Here's a look at our Eden Beds in all sizes which are all very conveniently, 30% off!

Eden Single
$699 | $489.30
Eden King Single
$799 | $559.30
Eden Double
$899 | $629.30
Eden Queen
$999 | $699.30


There really is no right or wrong when it comes to picking the best backdrop for your Eden Bed. Whether you opt for a plain wall or want a bold statement, the beauty of Eden is that she can and WILL adapt perfectly to any space you throw her in. For many homes, permanent wallpaper or decals is just not an option. This also applies to those who are possibly a little indecisive (guilty as charged) and don't want the risk of choosing something permanent only to change their mind later down the track (because seriously, we've all been there and ugh). Thankfully, there are a multitude of amazing brands that offer beautiful AND REMOVABLE options! Here's but a few of our favourites.

Natty and Polly

Pick a Wall

A New Wall

Tiny Walls

Ginger Monkey

Little Rae Prints

Jimmy Cricket

Urban Walls


While many people are lucky enough to have built in storage, a side table or some extra space to hide away those treasures is not a bad problem to have! Also, it's a chance to add another layer to your look with an additional pop of colour and texture.

Our  Estelle Side Table was designed to match back perfectly with our Eden Bed. Two spacious soft close drawers and that gorgeous, blush pink finish make it the perfect bedroom accompaniment to your Eden.


Here comes the exciting part! You can have so much fun with your linen and our advice - "don't be afraid to layer, layer, LAYER!"

There are lots of amazing brands around that offer beautiful linen, all with the lasting quality and fun designs that make them perfect for your little one. A lot of linen brands make it super easy too by stocking other bedroom decor - rugs, bean bags, wall hanging and other kick knacks to style your space. Check out a few of our faves below.





Sage & Clare


Kip & Co

In Bed Store


Add some texture to your space with different accessories around the room. Wall art, plants, canopies, rugs, light pendants, lamps - this is your chance to tie all the elements back in together.

Check out some of our fav brands to get your room looking it's best:

Verde Baby


Pottery Barn Kids

Langdon Ltd

Mustard Made

Fenton & Fenton

Miss Amara

Urban Road

My Hidden Forest

Olli Ella

Tiny Harlow

Belle & Co Living

Accessory wise, we also have a few options that are guaranteed to add some extra deliciousness to your space. More storage or another seat, anyone?! We've got your sorted!

Sybilla Ottoman
$499 | $349.30
Sybilla Settee
$999 | $699.30

Creating a beautiful space is simple but don't get deterred if it doesn't all come together at first - good things take time! If you have the energy and the means, we suggest printing off the different elements and creating a flat lay on the dining table. This is the best way to ensure everything will tie back before you make your actual purchases. It's a good way to get the kids involved in their bedroom makeover and allow them to feel that they are part of the process.

Happy Havening! X

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