A letter to 2020.

A letter to 2020.

Dear 2020,

We’ve had a chance to pen our thoughts about you and we think it’s time you heard them. Leading up to your arrival our anticipation grew, pondering all the goodness you’d have in tow. The start of a new decade had us convinced you’d be our best year yet.

Fast forward almost 12 months and it’s safe to say the curve ball you threw was far from expected. There’s nothing we could have done to avoid the pandemonium you brought with you, but a heads up sure wouldn’t have gone astray. Drought, bushfires, floods. Our strength, tenacity and willpower had been tested and we were only a couple of months in. You must have been exhausted because we sure as hell were. How could you possibly have the energy to take aim and fire your biggest challenge yet.

Covid-19. It’s been part of the picture for so long now, we could be forgiven for putting the other tribulations we’ve tackled to the back of our mind. After all, how much can one country take?!

As it turns out, a lot. You tested every facet of our lives but despite your best efforts, you did not break us. It would be so easy to write you off as a waste – a year we just close the book on and forget. But that would be playing by your rules and after a whole year in your grasp, we are ready to take a stance.

Instead of cursing you on your way out, we are going to reflect on what you allowed us to do – the time you gave us to pause; the rekindled bonds with ourselves and our families; the patience, resilience and strength we learnt we had; the hobbies we had the chance to pick back up; but most of all, instead of getting everything we wanted, you made us realise what it is we already have… and for that, we thank you.

Looking towards 2021, you’d expect us to head towards it erring of the side of caution. Too scared to get our hopes up for fear of more foiled plans… but it was in fact you showed us just how strong we can be and for that very reason, we won’t be approaching your successor with apprehension or hesitation. With our newfound ability to adapt ad-lib - something we’ve got you to thank for - we are coming at the new year with a refreshed sense of purpose and the determination to make 2021 all kinds of amazing.

We know the ramifications you’ve left us with won’t dissolve overnight, but as we bid you farewell in just one month, we accompany a good riddance with a heartfelt thank you.

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