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Safe and Comfortable Children’s Chairs & Sofas Australia

Our children’s chairs and sofas are designed by us with your little ones in mind, ensuring safety and comfort foremost no matter their activity.

Whether they are sitting on it, laying on it, jumping on it, or being rocked to sleep on it, our children’s chairs and sofas are built to last.

The plush cushioned finish of our chairs and sofas means they not only look great but are a dream to use too. Sturdy and durable, yet super comfy, our children’s upholstered chairs are just as ready for fun as they are.

From single chairs to children’s playroom lounge chairs including the quintessential chesterfield chair and lounge, we have a range of customisable options to suit every growing family’s need for their children’s playrooms.

Versatile Children’s Lounge Chairs Australia
At Incy Interiors we focus on bringing you sustainable furniture that’s built to see your kids through the years. This means that we have carefully considered designs that will grow with your children, to fit in the playroom as well as the bedroom.

We’re passionate about doing our bit for sustainability, and for our customers, it’s incredible value for money in what is usually a throw-away economy.

We’ll even show you how to bring together simple and elegant playroom furniture pieces so that you can create wonderful timeless spaces for your little ones that grow with them. Every Monday we bring you a little design inspiration to show you how some seriously cool brands are creating amazing children’s rooms.

Children’s chairs and sofas add style and comfort to any playroom. Our Customisable William Chair is the perfect statement piece that will bring an extra touch of luxe to your home and to your little ones every day.

Looking for a classic piece that will complement a modern playroom? Then look no further than the majestic Chesterfield 2-seater lounge. Designed specifically for kids, it’s the perfect example of period piece that meets modern luxe. It will create a bold statement in any room, with its impeccable looks matched with impressive levels of comfort.

Our Sybilla Settees aren’t just for the children’s playrooms. With customisable variations, you can even order a large size for adults! Children’s upholstered chairs never looked so good. We get to enjoy them too.

High-Quality Furniture for Children
At Incy Interiors, we make sure that all our children’s comfy chairs and sofas are safe and stylish. There is no need to compromise.

We not only sleep on our products we stand by them too. We proudly offer a 10-year warranty for children’s playroom chairs and sofas you purchase from our site or from one of our registered stockists. We build our products to stand the test of time.

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