Collection: NURSERY

Collection: NURSERY

Designer Nursery Furniture

The home of affordable designer baby nursery furniture in Australia. We help parents create a bespoke nursery room that’s luxurious, stylish, functional and safe. From our complete coordinated nursery packages to individual pieces you are sure to find everything you need to make your dream nursery, including baby bassinets, baby cots, and changing tables/dressers. And when it’s time to rock your babe to sleep, we’ve even got the perfect rocking chair for your nursery.

Comfortable and Cosy Bassinets and Baby Cots

You don’t need to tell us how important your baby’s sleep is. We rank comfort right up there with safety and style so it’s only fitting that our mattresses are not only made from the finest materials, but also cozy and just the right Incy firmness. Our cot mattress, suitable for all Incy cots, has a breathable spotted cotton blend outer and a medium firmness. Our deluxe bassinet mattress is crafted from breathable high density foam ensuring that your babe is getting supported in all the right ways. Even our change table mattresses are manufactured to an equally high standard - with breathable, high density foam and a vinyl waterproof outer, so that your baby is well supported for that swift wipe over. From the minute your baby enters this world, you’ve got a choice of bassinets or simple elegant cots that can be fashioned to suit a range of nursery styles. Practical and Versatile Nursery Furniture Grows With Your Baby Equally important as safety, comfort and style, is the versatility of your baby’s cot. Not only do our baby cots pair beautifully with matching change tables, they can also be converted into a toddler bed by either removing the sides of our Georgia and Maxwell Cots or with the addition of a matching Conversion Kit to our Teeny, Ellie, Ivy and Henry cots. You can shop with confidence knowing that your little one will be safely supported from baby to toddler and beyond. Even our change tables come with detachable toppers. This means you can continue to use the changing table long after your baby outgrows it. There are different colours and styles available that seamlessly fit into any decor or theme. Check out our furniture packages and save on stylishly coordinated pieces for your baby’s nursery. Our designs are chic and timeless, even our rockers for the nursery, including customisable options that will not only stand out, but stand the test of time as your nursery grows into a playroom.

Safe, High Quality Nursery Furniture in Australia

We are proudly Australian owned and operated. You can rest assured that every piece of baby nursery furniture including the mattresses undergo rigorous testing to make sure they comply with safety standards in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and USA. You can shop with confidence knowing that our number one priority is safety. We use metal and wooden materials that are recycled; paint that is non toxic. When you need to shop for stylish baby furniture without compromising on safety, look no further than Incy Interiors.