Top 5 Nursery Items To Shop

Top 5 Nursery Items To Shop

Incy Interiors specialises in designer nursery and bedroom furniture, with over 11 years experience providing beautiful and safe products for your home. 

If you are planning your nursery or starting to look for inspiration we have put together our top 5 nursery items to shop right now. 

1. Ellie Cot

Our best seller, the rose gold Ellie Cot is officially in stock and ready to ship. This popular stylish option for a modern nursery is designed to convert into a toddler bed so your little bub can grow in style. 


Ellie Cot RRP $999.00

2. Lucy Change Table

A classic yet chic design, the Lucy Change Table is perfect for a range of nursery styles with its easily adaptable nature this design can bring to life any nursery space. Featuring handcrafted spindle detailing finished in non-toxic paints to ensure the best and safest quality for your child.


Lucy Change Table RRP $1,299.00

3. Sybilla Rocker Customisable

Add personality to your nursery by customising your very own rocking chair. With over 20 different options to choose from in a variety of fabrics including velvet, leather and woven fabric you can create the perfect piece for your space. 


Sybilla Rocker Customisable RRP $1,399.00

4. Ivy Conversion Kit 

Did you know the Ivy cot is designed to perform as a stunning toddler bed? Both our metal cot options the Ellie and Ivy come with the option to purchase a conversion kit that transforms your cot into a toddler bed. 

The Ivy nickel cot is absolute heaven with its sleek finishes and looks even better when transitioned for your growing bub.


Also available in rose gold.

Ivy Conversion Kit RRP $249.00

5. Jude Bookcase

A stylish storage or display option that you can't go past, the Jude Bookcase from the Spindle range is not only a practical but aesthetic pleasing option for a nursery or bedroom. 

Jude Bookcase RRP $599.00

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