Kristy <3's the U.S

Kristy <3's the U.S

Greetings from Kristy!

The guys in the office here have made me commit to a monthly blog post, and I thought checking in every four weeks wasn't such a bad idea, so here I am for my first one and given my adventuring the past few months, I felt it only fitting to make my first post about my LOVE for the U.S! 

This love manifested many moons ago when I was working as the Marketing Manager at eBay. Through eBay, I was fortunate enough to be making my way abroad to Silicon Valley every 6-8 weeks and was constantly amazed at what was on offer in the American market. It was on these trips that I began to realise how much we were lacking in Australia with regards to children’s furniture and so, began the initial plans for Incy Interiors!

Fast forward seven years and I am now over the moon to be stocking our furniture in the country where it all started! Despite the years that have gone by and my 20+ trips to the U.S, my love for this beautiful country has never ceased. I have recently returned from a quick trip to Vegas and prior to that, spent three-weeks holidaying with the fam. This involved a week in sunny Hawaii, a stint in L.A with a visit to Universal Studios (which the kids just LOVED!), and some very sore muscles after seven days of hitting the slopes in Whistler (and by hitting the slopes, I literally mean, HITTING the slopes – it wasn’t pretty!).




In the mix with all this adventuring, has also been countless business trips. Myself and the Incy team have been to trade shows from New York to Vegas and have had a whirl of fun in doing so (as the pictures clearly show!). 


I love everything about the U.S! The warm Summer's, the snow covered roads in Winter, the awesome shopping, the friendly people and the UNREAL scenery. I love the diversity of the country - it literally has everything! Beaches, desert, snow and THE GRAND CANYON! Wow! That place is something else!

I feel so blessed that I have been able to experience such an awesome place and am lucky to consider it somewhat of a second home. I can't wait for my next adventure!

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