Incy's guide to Central West, NSW: Oberon Edition

Incy's guide to Central West, NSW: Oberon Edition


You may or may not know that Tom, our chief product designer is also my baby brother. We were lucky enough to grow up on the most divine sheep farm between Oberon and Jenolan Caves. We come from a HUGE family, I’m not sure what the latest count is but its well over 100 and there will always be at least 50 people at Christmas lunch, so many that our dad and his brother built a semi function centre to hold us all. It really was the most idyllic childhood. We grew up with loads of cousins and animals and freedom to explore and create.

Come with us as we share the hidden gems in and around Oberon…..


Mayfield Garden

This is the largest private garden in the Southern Hemisphere and I go here monthly just to soak up the beauty in every corner. The entire garden covers 40 acres and has a waterfall and a maze. The Water Garden is open 7 days a week but the entire garden is only open a few times a year so make sure you go on one of the open weekends.

Kanagra Walls

Located just 6km from Jenolan Caves is the amazing Kanangra Walls. The walls themselves are made from beautiful orange and grey sandstone and they tower over the Kanangra Valley, you really feel like you are in another world…. A prehistoric world. There are a number of beautiful bushwalks at the walls including the Lookout and Waterfall walk. Lots of people also go canyoning. This is something I have never been brave enough to do but if you are braver than I am apparently it is magnificent.



Oberon is surrounded by State forests and they are the perfect breeding ground for mushrooms. People come from all over the world to mushroom pick in Australia. Obviously you have to be careful when picking mushrooms as to which ones you can and can’t eat. Growing up on the edge of a pine forest we often saw mushrooms but my dad has put the fear of god into me to never eat them so I was at least 25 before I actually ate a mushroom.


About 15 minutes from Oberon is Yarrabin, Australia’s first dude ranch. It is a 2,500 acre property where you can horse ride to your hearts content. They also run school holiday camps for kids but just be warned they are booked out 6 months in advance!


Brimlow Cottage:

This is owned by my beautiful friend Georgie and is just next door to the farm Tom and I grew up on. It is the most divine little cottage where you can experience true country life including the chooks and sheep:

Caves House:

My first ever job was cleaning the rooms at Caves House so it will always hold a special place in my heart. It is right in the heart of Jenolan Caves and has bucket loads of old world charm:

Invisible House:

If you are looking for something more luxurious then the 2014 house of the year, Invisible House will be right up your alley. It overlooks the vast valley below and has every luxury you could need for a weekend away covered:

Black Barn:

This is the coolest barn I have ever seen. It is located about 20 minutes out of Oberon and has the most amazing interiors.


Firstly – Jenolan Caves – It was the destination for our kindergarten excursion and I’ve been back many times since! Not only for pleasure, but I was lucky enough to work there! Despite having to lug giant bags of linen up those steep as hills its actually really beautiful. My favourite part of Jenolan is the Blue Lake.

Second – if you’ve spent the day touring the fab Jenolan caves you’re probably going to be hungry! I would recommend popping into the busy main street to grab a quick bite to eat. My recommendation would be the Long Arm Farm Café. All the delicious treats are made from local produce as well! If dinner is what your after then you can’t go past the best Chinese food (doesn’t every small country town claim their local Chinese restaurant as the best?!) at the Rainbow Chinese Restaurant where you will also get to see the famous Big Trout!

Another fun thing to do is to visit the Oberon Dam, there is a great play area and you can walk all the way to the dam wall and take a look. You could even eat your fab lunch from the long arm farm café here if you feel like dining out.

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