Incy Interiors X Roam Travels: Roam at Home Best Reads

Incy Interiors X Roam Travels: Roam at Home Best Reads

Roam loves a good book. Like everything in the Roam catalogue, these books are recommended because they are life-changers. I am a kindle girl but every now and then I have to step foot into a bookstore and inhale that irreplaceable smell of a book.

Without further ado, here is a run-down on some of Roam’s best reads.

Kristin Hannah is up there with my all-time favourite authors. The lady certainly knows how to write a page turner that will tear at your heart. I read The Great Alone and The Nightingale in 2019 and literally could not move on from these stories for a long time.


The Great Alone is a gripping, cinematic story of heartbreak, family and survival against all odds. Set amid the backdrop of the harsh Alaskan wilderness, the story follows Leni who is grappling with her father’s post-war PTSD. Taking her life into her own hands, Leni finds solace and love, but with that comes the most difficult and life-threatening challenges.

The Nightingale is a tale of the resilience and endurance of two French sisters during World War 2. We are taken into the home of Vianne who suffers the daily consequences of the German invasion. And then there is Isabelle, who bravely joins the resistance to save her fellow people.

I can guarantee that both of these stories will deeply move you. They are both undeniably harrowing and exquisitely written. Tissue box required.

I loved Before We Were Yours written by Lisa Wingate. The fact that this book was based on a real-life scandal shocked me to my core. The story is reminiscent of the unimaginable crimes committed by Georgia Tann, director of a US based adoption organisation which kidnapped and sold children to wealthy families. The book itself follows the lives of the four Foss children, the love they have for each other and the path life takes them. Although it is heart-wrenching, it is also uplifting and a read that you will not forget.

So… once you finish all these books you are going to need some light relief. Enter Dolly Alderton. Dolly is a UK journalist, podcaster and columnist full of the best kind of wit, honesty and humour. Her top ten bestseller, Everything I Know About Love, is a memoir that chronicles her many hysterical (and failed) attempts at love and the one constant in her life, her best friend Farly.

“Our painful experiences aren’t a liability—they’re a gift. They give us perspective and meaning, an opportunity to find our unique purpose and our strength.” – Edith Eger.

In these current times perspective is hugely important. Two of the greatest reads are The Choice by Edith Eger and The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku. Both Edith and Eddie are survivors of the atrocities of World War 2. What these two have endured is beyond fathomable. And yet, from the depths of despair and ruin, both have risen to the top. They have chosen to live a life of happiness, love, openness, acceptance and positivity. This is the ultimate in strength and bravery, and one that we should all draw from.


The fact is, I could continue this blog for hours as I have so many treasured reads which I am passionate about. I truly hope within this list you find some books that spark your interest. If you are looking for more book recommendations, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe and be well, 

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