Incy Interiors, born 11/02/2011 at 11.02am...

Incy Interiors, born 11/02/2011 at 11.02am...

Hello and welcome to the Incy Interiors blog! Incy interiors is a designer baby and children’s furniture company located in Australia started by myself, Kristy Withers.

I began seriously thinking about creating Incy when my son Oscar hit two years of age and my husband and I decided it was time for his first ‘big boy bed’

This began an unsuccessful search both online and offline and poor little oscar stuck in his cot. I had an image in mind of the perfect bed (antique style, dark brown/bronze iron) that would set the tone for the perfect little boy’s room, but i could not find it anywhere.

I had seen this kind of bed in both europe and the usa on my travels so after getting shipping quotes of more than the bed was worth and unsuccessfully trying to convince manufacturers to ship to Australia…. Oscar was still in his cot and I was getting frustrated to say the least.

I am not one to give up on a challenge and after sharing my experience with friends who were having a similar experience I decided to investigate having the products made.

At around the same time I, like many other working mums was struggling to balance a crazy full time job with motherhood, being a wife, spending time with my family and occasionally seeing my friends. I also wanted oscar to experience a childhood like I had, growing up on a farm with all my cousins.

Our home in inner Sydney with a patch of grass 3m x 2m wasn’t delivering this but with 10 years marketing experience for large corporations, finding a job in regional australia wasn’t going to be easy but I threw caution to the wind, quit my lovely job of 5 years with eBay and started work to create incy. We also packed up our life and moved ourselves to the country!

My original timeline had me launching in November 2009, which was later revised to January 2010 when I discovered exactly what was involved and then revised later again to today… February 11th 2011 (11/02/2011) – which is a pretty cool date as it is a palindrome which means that it can be read the same in either direction.

I am so excited to finally be live and to share our beautiful furniture with you.

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