How to decorate a nursery to grow with your baby

How to decorate a nursery to grow with your baby

Expecting a baby is an exciting time full of quiet happiness, and if we’re honest, a little apprehension as well. While you wait for your life-changing bundle to arrive, you may feel the urge to organise, decorate, clean or plan their nursery, playroom (living rooms are playrooms, right?) and little nooks of discovery. Welcome to nesting. Your instincts may be hitting overdrive right now, so harness your newfound energy and create a space for your little one that will see them through their early years. Here are four realistic tips to help you design a kids room that will grow with your baby - a nursery rarely stays a nursery for long!

Start with neutrals

Who doesn’t love adorable knickknacks? Before you go overboard and fill every crevice with stuffed animals, sewn poppets and snuggly, fluffy rugs, rein yourself in and concentrate on the big-ticket items - the cot (or bassinet), drawers, wardrobe, change table and rocking chair. Keep these as neutral as possible, so they can act as the base for your room and take advantage of sales if you can. While you may have a say over the framed pictures adorning the walls today, babies grow into toddlers and toddlers have strong preferences. Emma Wiggle and Paw Patrol may soon take over, despite your best efforts!

We recommend using a neutral rug as a decorative centrepiece - the right selection will last for a long time.

Pick a theme

Now that you have the basics in place, it’s time to start planning the theme of the nursery and pull the whole room together into a cohesive vibe.

Themes can range from general to very specific – the choice is up to you. For example, you could simply opt for a touch of blue in the nursery and add little highlights of colour throughout. Instead, you might choose a jungle theme and fill the place with cute and furry animals. Make sure you save some room to add little personal bits and pieces once the baby arrives. A gorgeous family photo, their framed initials on the wall, or your own little messages to your little arrival, all create the perfect finishing touch to this special space.

Choose removable wall stickers

Painting the nursery is one of the first tasks many couples dive into at the beginning. A feature wall is the perfect complement to any space, but it helps to avoid bold, gender-based colours. Opt for subtle hues as a background and create a feature wall with removable wall stickers or decals; these can peel off down the track when your baby’s interests change, without the hassle that comes with repainting the entire wall.

Add plenty of storage place

Babies come with so much stuff. As they grow, this stuff then magically turns into mountains and mountains of toys. If you don’t already have adequate storage space, it may be worth investing in shelving, buckets and bins before it all spills out into every room in the house! You can repurpose your chosen storage options, swapping teethers for toys and nappies for seasonal clothes as your little one grows.

Most importantly, remember to have fun with it. Bringing together this special space for your little bundle is the perfect way to bond with them in those pregnancy months. Don’t rush it. Enjoy it and chat with your baby about all the decisions you are making for their space. Before you know it, they will be in your arms enjoying their nursery with you.

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