How to create an inspiring kids bedroom

How to create an inspiring kids bedroom

There is no secret here at Incy Interiors we love creating beautiful spaces, our kids' furniture range is designed to offer you endless options for when you are ready to transition your nursery into a big kids room. 

Our kids' furniture range offers a variety of metal, wooden and fabric options so you are not limited by choice when it comes to curating your bedroom. Below we break down some important steps to think about when designing your kids' bedroom:

Choose a bed - size, shape & colour

The best place to start when curating a new bedroom space is to firstly choose your bed or bedframe. Often the size of your room will determine what size bed you want to work with. Our kids' beds range from single to queen in size.

Many parents now op for a larger size bed such as a double or queen for when your little one has a restless night's sleep and wants company, gone are the days of uncomfortable sleepless nights. 

At Incy you can choose between our signature rose gold, stunning nickel metal frames, our wooden spindle range, or our affordable fabric upholstered hopscotch beds. 

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Think about storage - no one feels inspired when there is mess around!

Our bedroom range is designed to include a range of matching and complimenting storage options so you can keep the space organised in a stylish manner. Storage is so important when designing any space especially for kids or growing teens as they accumulate a variety of toys, clothing and hand-me down treasures over time. 

Choose from a range of side tabes, dressers and bookcases from our kids' bedroom range to opt for a stylish solution when storing your child's things. 



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