How Aussie and UK mattresses compare, mattress size in the UK and Australia for bedroom

How Aussie and UK mattresses compare, mattress size in the UK and Australia for bedroom

Let us firstly start off this blog with some rather exciting news! For those a little late to the party, we are beyond delighted to announce that Incy is now officially in the UK! We’ve teamed up with some amazing stockists to bring our beautiful Incy furniture into the homes of our UK friends and let’s just say, we are even more excited about this than that time our recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meals, actually only took 15 minutes.

Okay, back to the point.

When someone mentions the UK, your mind might gravitate straight to the Queen. Well, on this particular occasion, you wouldn’t be far off the money because that’s exactly what we will be discussing. A queen however, of a different variety. The mattress variety. And we’re sorry to say, but this could get slightly confusing!

While we share many similarities to our overseas allies, there are a but a few differences when it comes to the bedroom department, and more specifically, the name attached to the different sized mattresses. In this instance, when kings are queens and nothing really makes a lot of sense, we figured the best way to go about this was via the subtle art of a handy infographic.

While the sizing of the single and double vary ever so slightly – just a few centimetres in fact - you’d be forgiven for thinking we were overacting in writing an entire blog based around the size difference of Aussie and UK mattresses. That is however, until you reach the queen. Unless you’re in the UK, and in which case, a king. This, my friends, is where the confusion really sets in. Here’s all you need to remember though: an Aussie queen as we know it is just that. A UK King is an Aussie queen, less an inch in height and width. Still with us? Great!

Buying beds and mattresses within the same country, this mattress size sitch won’t pose much of an issue. Problems may arise though when you’re in the UK and you’ve been sent some lavish Aussie linen from your mother-in law. You get your sheets home (after paying that god awful gift tax) only to discover they don’t fit. Well, that’s exactly what this blog is here to avoid! So forward this onto the rellies before they start their Chrissy shopping, then head on over to because we cannot wait to see our products popping up in some gorgeous UK homes!

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