Don't tire of trends - here's one for the long haul.

Don't tire of trends - here's one for the long haul.

Being up with the latest trends is wonderful, but it certainly isn't the be all and end all. We love nice things, don't get us wrong, but we are also very practical people. Kids bedrooms are fast becoming much more than just a place to sleep and it seems kids interiors are nestling close in popularity to that of adult interiors, with no signs of stepping back.

While mainstream trends in kids interiors are undoubtedly adorable, a large majority of them are short term shifts in style that will have you spending your time and money one month only to be doing it again the very next - and that is not fun for anyone!

Then comes the big one – waste! Waste is a friend to no one and seeing things get thrown away – especially those that aren’t kind to the environment – after just a few short months, is a part of our fast fashion society that pains us to see. It's also a large reason as to why we design and manufacture all of our furniture using sustainably sourced material that can either be recycled or broken back down into nature. We create beautiful furniture for kids and we want them to be able to sleep soundly, dreaming of a beautiful future.

Not surprisingly, one of our favourite elements in a trend is longevity, but there are very few things that can be utilised in your little ones sleeping space from birth to teen. In saying that, we have recently noticed a popular nursery and bedroom addition that we are absolutely loving and it’s one that won’t be tossed after the season is over.

There is one thing we all have, that no matter your style, space or age, will never change and this trend will make sure you never forget it!

Name plaques are a fab way to add some personality to your babes space and with a neutral colourway it can adapt as their room does.

There are some super fun name plaques on the market at the moment and we have compiled some brand names here for your convenience! Check them out on Instagram using the handles below:






We also have some inspiration from our clever customers on how they have styled them in the rooms of their babes.









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