And the oscar goes to......

And the oscar goes to......

Ok so I know you can’t win an Oscar for launching a website but if there was such an award this would be my acceptance speech. I apologise in advance for the length… I realise the music would have been cued much earlier on but I wanted to make sure everyone knew how grateful I am.

I am so proud of incy interiors but something like this doesn’t happen without the help, advice, guidance, support and manpower of a lot of people. I feel like the luckiest girl ever to have such a supportive network of friends and family and I owe them all a huge THANKS!

To my immediate family Simon & Oscar, thank you for allowing me to create incy and thank you for putting up with my questions, concerns, ramblings, tantrums, etc. I love you both more than anything else in the world. To my parents, thank you for providing me with the support I have needed throughout my entire life whether that be emotional, physical, mental, financial you name it. Thank you for also telling me to follow my dreams and providing me with the tools to do so. A special thank you to mum for making it her mission to find me exactly the right items to style the rooms for the photoshoot!

To my broader family, my sisters Mimi and Tara and my brother Tom, you are the best brother and sisters a girl could ask for. Tom, a huge thank you for all of your styling advice, manual labour and companionship on multiple shopping trips. Mimi and Tara thanks for always being interested in my updates and telling me I could do it.

To my in law family – Kim, David, Erin and Push. It is pretty rare to find in laws who you actually like let alone love as much as I love you guys. Thanks also for your support and advice along the way. A special thanks goes out to Kim for staying up all night to make me a raggedy anne doll, for hunting down doona covers with me and for lending me so many props for the styled rooms.

To everyone at ebay, thank you for teaching me so much about the world of business and online in my 5 years there, I truly learnt from the best in the business. A special thank you goes out to Todd, Sal and Stevie B for being such great mentors to me. Steve I still intend to steal your baby shower idea! to my team: Glenn, Fi, Eliza, Kristie, Kirsten, Kurt, Hamish and Martin, thanks for allowing me to go on and on about Incy as well as giving me the courage to make it happen. A extra special thanks to Fi for all of her research and input she provided, I couldn’t have done it without you. To my other ebay buddies – Jo, Britta, Marcus, Thien lan, Shelli, Nico, Lukey, Phuongy, Rowie, Ano, Jakii, The bdms, The legal chicks, all of product, The finance dudes, The sdc boys and the paypal crew thank you to each and everyone of you for your advice and encouragement.

To the wonderful people I am lucky enough to call my closest friends – Moge, Hel, Katie, Amelia, Crista and Kurt, Geoff, Verity and Muscat thanks for everything. Thank you for being such great friends, I owe you all a paragraph long thank you each but in the interests of not boring everyone to death… a massive thanks goes out to each and everyone of you. Specifically with regards to incy…. to Geoffrey, thanks for all your help with the photoshoot and V and muscat, thanks for all your help with training me on photoshop, advice with the website, reviewing my copy, etc, etc.

To my stg chicks (Bacot, Hobbsie, Di, Bella, Rach, San & Nicki) & Ads, wow I owe you guys so much. Thank you for being removalists, ironing ladies, lunch makers, child model suppliers and most of all my beautiful friends. To your children Arie, Leo, Jake, Luke and Arienne, thank you so much for being such little superstars and being the faces of incy. To Mia, Sophia, Leon and Reese, sorry you couldn’t be in photos but you are there in spirit…. and got a cot/bed named after you. Also a huge thanks to Nathan for his muscles and bed/cot building skills.

To the girls from mothers group – Mel J, Bec T, Cindy, Trish, San, Di, Cat, Nicole, Bec L, Mel S, Toka and Suriya thanks for all of your thoughts and input into the products, for being my own little market research group and for you and your kiddies for being such great friends to both oscar and myself.

To jennifer stocks thank you, thank you for not only being the greatest photographer but also providing styling advice and removalist services. Jen is behind the beautiful photography on the site.

To eva bloch for allowing us to use her amazing house for the photoshoot.

To nia from pixeldiva thank you for creating my gorgeous website and logo.

To my lovely friend sian for her pr assistance and advice… a huge thank you!

And finally to my manufacturers and shipping agents, thank you for allowing the products to become a reality. A huge thanks to mark and the guys from mainfreight for performing the impossible.

I am sure there is someone I have left off and if so, I apologise profusely it isn’t because your advice/help/assistance wasn’t appreciated it is purely that I am forgetful!

cue music………………..

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